Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Baronic Wall discography

First three tapes from the founding era when I lived in Iowa City. Going from left to right:

In Granite Parlor (Agents of Chaos) C20 in an edition 33 copies.

Released December 10th 2008

The second Baronic Wall tape to be recorded, but the first to see release. Distortion effect on the instrumental was created by running my casio mt-68 through a broken stereo reciever (known as the thrash stereo) and recording the result on a cassette deck. Vocals were done on a borrowed four track at a friend's house then edited into down into shorter songs.

The Golden Sword (self-released) C25 ish with around 50 copies produced. 

Released spring 2009

Recorded entirely using a handheld tape recorder. Recorded before In Granite Parlor, but released later. All recording and dubbing was done without a computer. Vocals were dubbed over the instrumental by time honored practice of taping over the erase head. Some copies have a message from Paul Ballance or a practice recording dubbed onto the blank space at the end of side B. The cover image is taken from a teenage notebook.

The Hidden Quantifier (Agents of Chaos) C20 in an edition of 55 copes, 

Released May 15th 2009

Instrumental part was created in the same manner as with In Granite Parlor. No four track was available, so I recorded my vocals on a separate tape recorder whilst playing back the instrumental on my main system. My 'producer' then synched up the recording on a computer, creating an even more disorienting effect.

Miscellania from the Iowa City days.

Split cassingle with Earn (Detrivore) C10,edition unknown.

Released spring 2009

My track on here is a recording from my first ever show. Some copies list the title as "Fastidious Tadpole" and some list it as "Knife Stroll". 

In Granite Parlor/The Golden Sword (Night People) C45, edition unknown.

Released 2010

Comp of my first two scarce tapes with the same material as the originals.

My more recent endeavours

Traditional Appearance (Goaty Tapes) C20, 100 copies.

Released September 24th 2010 

My first tape to be recorded on a four track and in a little shack in Wales no less. Used a variety of cheap keyboards, my longstanding ibanez AD-9 and a guitar. Title comes from a caption on the back of a bottle of cider, which said, "Shake gently for a traditional appearance". 

The Mind of Roses (Gift Tapes) C30, 100 copies.

Released August 12th 2012

First tape recorded in the space I now occupy in Portland, OR. Farfisa backed up with the thud of an ancient rhythm box and only a little casio. 

The Blank Centuries (Tanzprocez) C45, 100 copies.

Released September 22nd 2013

Recorded entirely on four track over the course of 2012. My first attempt at an album length experience. Mike Erwin did a nice job mastering this and I'm still tempted to release an alternate version of this with added material seeing as I was rather productive around this time period.

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