Friday, 22 January 2016

The first new Baronic Wall track of 2016 is here. No idea if this one will be on a release or if it will stay in this form.This one is about giving up your humanity for economic reasons.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Baronic Wall New Year Update 2016

  2015 was a quiet year. Submerged neutron detectors in a different dimension are picking up images of the epic things I would achieve-yet they lack the means to interpret them. The portal to the future is still open, but the medium it is stored on is decaying and facing failure.

The following items may become available this year. I'm looking for labels to work with on releasing the following:

Baronic Wall-Paracrystaline Domains CS
Baronic Wall-The Blank Centuries CS (USA version with different/expanded tracks)
Trundle Nemix-End of the Age CS

The following are likely only getting released in a dimension other than this one:
Baronic Wall-Low Wage Cyborgs LP (300 copy self released LP w/handmade package+bonus items).
Paul Ballance-You Will Be Executed and Your Car Towed CS
Paul Ballance-I'm Ringing Your Doorbell CD-R
Stanad Rads-I Pass Over The Material Mountains CD-R
Stanad Rads-Caanad Rigs Be Drained? CD-R
New Compass Rose material
Trundle Nemix and Ron Spoones-Stairway to Temporary Employment/Smells Like Mental Fatigue.

Here's to ambition. See also:
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No goals means no failure. I'm a sentient form of cosmic background radiation.